Mark Naylor, Amy Servas win the 5K

Mark Naylor won the Taste of Annandale 5K Oct. 14, completing the course in just under 20 minutes. Naylor’s official time, recorded by Commonwealth Timing, was 19:51:77. Coming in at second place for males was Kyle Grimsley, at 20:05:17. Jose Sejas got third place for males, at 20:09:64.

Among females, Amy Servas got first place with a time of 24:21:84, Meriem Bacha came in second at 26:24:97, and Erin Donovan came in third at 27:58:73.

The race, held in conjunction with the Taste of Annandale, started and ended in the Kmart parking lot on John Marr Drive. After warmup exercises led by trainers with PR Performance Fitness of Annandale, the runners headed down Columbia Pike and through the trails in Mason District Park. Metro Run & Walk provided gift cards to the top winners.

Runners warm up before the 5K. [Jennifer Cruz-Zavala of Images for Good]
Here are the fastest runners by age category:

Age 9 and under, males: first – Diego Syar, second – John Sorial.

Age 9 and under, females: first – Margot Jairam.

Age 10-14, males: first – Maxwell Miracle, second – Adam Syar, third – Leo Miracle.

Age 15-19, males: first – Andrew Dean.

Age 15-19, females: first – Katie Pope, second – Nadezhda Droujinsky.

Age 20-29, males: first – Brendan Roach, second – Eduardo Garcia, third – Jacob Smith.

Age 20-29, females: first – Marcella Elpers, second – Olivia Hughes, third – Simranjot Dhillon.

Age 30-39, males: first – Sam Le, second – Chris Hogeboore, third – Travis Hall.

Age 30-39, females: first – Morgan Ritacco, second – Cruzkaya Barbosa Viloria, third – Michelle Negrelli.

Diego Syar, Margot Jairam, and Mason Supervisor Penny Gross.

Age 40-49, males: first – Mike Wittler, second – Rodrigo Garcia, third – Andrae Baly.

Age 40-49, females: first – Daniela Raik, second – Felicia Usher, third – Julie Smith.

Age 50-59, males: first – Dan McKeel, second – Jeff Kwiecinski, third – George Lamb.

Age 50-59, females: first – Sherry Steeley, second – June Carter, third – Karen Dean.

Age 60 and up, males: first – Bill Tracy, second – Guy Fitzgibben, third – David Daley.

Age 60 and up, females: first – Deborah Fraser, second – Ann Miner, third – Deborah Gupta.

For a list of results and photos, visit Commonwealth Timing.

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