Students capture images at Taste of Annandale

Several high school students took pictures at the Taste of Annandale Oct. 14 with for a nonprofit organization called Images for Good.

Images for Good was founded by Kevin Krisco to provide photographic support to service organizations and programs while helping teens, veterans, and other volunteers build skills, gain experience, and serve their community.

Students who captured great images at the Taste of Annandale included Annandale High School students Nazrawit Tamrat and Katie Pope, Jennifer Cruz-Zavala of Madison High School, Sindi Maltez-Meija, of Marshall High School, and Rasha Alsalahi of Stuart High School. Tamrat is a senior; the rest are juniors.

A candid shot from the Taste of Annandale [Sindi Maltez-Meija]
Krisco has been taking pictures of families, babies, weddings, sports events, performances, and celebrations for years. He founded Images for Good in 2015 with the vision “to use photography as a tool for change.”

Images for Good provides volunteer photographers to help nonprofit and community organizations tell their stories. Through donations, Krisco purchased second-hand cameras and taught youths and veterans to use photography to raise awareness about hunger, disease, veterans, the need for racial reconciliation, and other issues through community engagement.

A performer with Monarca in Flight. [Rasha Alsalahi]
 The participating teens learn about photography from mentors. The experience they gain as service leaders gives them an edge when they apply for college and jobs. Students interested in joining Images for Good can fill out an online form.

More pictures from the Taste of Annandale by student photographers are on the Images for Good album on the Taste of Annandale Facebook page.

A boy gets to spin the wheel at a vendor booth. [Katie Pope]

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