The Taste of Annandale is coming back for a fourth year. The 2018 festival will be Saturday, Oct. 13. It will be at the same venue – Tom Davis Drive – as the previous events.

There will be food, live entertainment, a 5K race, a children’s program, and possibly some new activities.

In one major change, the 20`8 Taste of Annandale will end a bit earlier, at 4 p.m. That’s being done because last year, when the festival ended at 6, some of the restaurants ran out of food and left a bit early. This time, we’ll make sure all the vendors stay until the end.

Anyone interested in learning more about participating in the 2018 Taste of Annandale – as a sponsor, food vendor, other vendor, or entertainer – can contact the Annandale Blog editor,, or Taste of Annandale Planning Committee Chair Bob Kahane,