Release the Craycken signs up for Taste of Annandale

Release the Craycken, the crayfish-and-chicken place in Seoul Plaza on Markham Street in Annandale, is the first restaurant to sign up for the 2018 Taste of Annandale.

The menu also offers shrimp, crab, lobster, cod, clam strips, wings, chicken burgers, bulgogi burgers, hot dogs, fries, tater tots, and hush puppies.

Release the Craycken has become a popular dining spot since it opened in February and has gotten excellent reviews on Yelp. In recent weeks, owner Juong Choi tweaked the brine recipe for the fried chicken, added headless easy-to-peel shrimp and curly fries, and made some other adjustments.

Choi spent a couple of weeks trying to come up with a catchy name for his restaurant, then “‘Release the Craycken’ just hit me while I was on the phone,” he says.

It perfectly captures what this place is all about, while conjuring up an image of the mythical sea monster and the popular catchphrase, “Release the Kraken!” from the 1981 movie “Clash of the Titans.” Some of the action figures from Choi’s personal collection are on display in the restaurant.

This is Choi’s first restaurant, although his family has owned several entertainment venues with food service. He also manages Seoul Plaza, which his family owns.

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