‘Animal communicator’ will help judge pet contest

The Taste of Annandale Planning Committee is pleased to announce that Diane Roadcap, the “animal communicator,” will be one of the judges at the best-dressed pet contest at the Oct. 13 street festival on Tom Davis Drive.

The Taste of Annandale schedule hasn’t been finalized but the pet contest, hosted by Chico’s Natural Pet Market, is tentatively scheduled for 2 p.m. The other judges are Teri Thorsteinson, the owner of Coco the Couture Cat, and Giovanna Di Biccari, the owner of Willie, a dog running for mayor of Annan-tail.

Roadcap is a medium who telepathically communicates with animals to get insight their hearts and souls. She gives private consultations and has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and TV and radio shows.

“I consider it spiritual work,” Roadcap says. It’s not about reading body language or treating a pet’s behavior problems. What she does is use her sense of mediumship – her sense of the third eye – to understand an animal’s illness, pain, needs, and inner state and can communicate with animals even if they have passed over into the spiritual realm.

Roadcap first realized she had this gift at age 5 when her dog telepathically warned her that a poisonous snake was dangerously close to biting her.

Through her work with animals, Roadcap often picks up insights into their human companions. At one point she correctly diagnosed a human’s illness that had stumped her doctors.

Although she can also communicate telepathically with humans, she prefers animals. While most of her work is with cats and dogs, Roadcap has worked all types of animals, including ferrets and alligators.

“Animals are spiritual beings just like you and I,” says Roadcap, who often does blessings for animals at churches. Her household includes two cats and dog.

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