Nearby businesses open during Taste of Annandale

The Taste of Annandale Planning Committee thanks the businesses adjacent to Giant for their cooperation during the Taste of Annandale. These businesses, at 7133 Tom Davis Drive –  the 7 Star restaurant, Pho Loc, Gom Ba Woo, Wellbeing More, and Speedy Laundromat – are going to be facing some challenges Saturday, Oct. 14, when the Taste of... Continue Reading →

Parking lots approved for Taste of Annandale

Folks coming to the Taste of Annandale should easily find places to park. The organizers have designated the following parking lots for people attending the festival on Oct. 14: Giant – 7137 Columbia Pike, Kmart – 4251 John Marr Drive, the ACCA Child Development Center –  7200 Columbia Pike, Union Baptist Church –  7100 Columbia... Continue Reading →

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