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The Best-Dressed Pet Contest at the 2023 Taste of Annandale will again be sponsored by Chico’s Natural Pet Market in Barcroft Plaza.

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The top winners at the 2019 festival, selected by the panel of judges (two animal communicators, Diane Roadcap and Amy Martin; Del. Kaye Kory; and Willie, the dog running for mayor of “Annan-tail” and his campaign manager, Giovanna):


1st place – Daphne-Pink, a Shetland sheepdog was transformed into a gorgeous carnival dancer by Fred Hadeed with notions, colorful tulle, pom poms, crystals, and feathers.

2nd place – Sheba, a rescue dog available from Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, rocked a fashionable minimalist style described as “50 Shades of Black.”

3rd place – Bingo’s style, described by owner Al Silas, is “Greenie Chiweenie” and is inspired by his spirit animal, a mystical dragon.


4th place – Milo appeared on the catwalk as “Woodstock,” the grooviest little hippie. “He always goes with the flow and gives peace every chance,” says owner Elspeth Jensen.

5th place – Biggie Smalls’ look is All American. This notorious D.O.G.’s fashion look was inspired by the U.S.A. and how it’s such a great country.

6th place – Eevee the PokePom is all dressed up like a band conductor. This contestant’s look is inspired by the Idol girl groups Muse and Aqours, says owner Rin Langley.

Wildcard – Zeus, selected by Chico’s owner Danielle Areco, is a happy and active puppy with lots of energy and loves to chase a soccer ball. He wore a soccer jersey with #19, which represents his birthdate in October.

Biggie Smalls

The dog owners received a free basic outfit from the store that they embellished to create a fashion show-worthy costume. All of the contests received large gift baskets from Chico’s at the Taste of Annandale.

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