Two dogs win Chico’s pet model contest

The final voting was so close, so two dogs, Zeus and Eevee, will share the spotlight as Chico’s Top Pet Model(s). They will be featured on the marketing materials for Chico’s Natural Pet Market in Barcroft Plaza.

The dog fashion competition featured two phases: a “cat walk” at the best-dressed pet contest during the Taste of Annandale on Oct. 5 and a subsequent social media contest. All the competitors were invited to a free photo shoot at Chico’s Nov. 17.


The judges at the Taste of Annandale selected these winners:

  • Daphne-Pink, a Shetland sheepdog, was the judges’ top choice. Owner Fred Hadeed decked her out as a carnival dancer with tulle, pom poms, crystals, and feathers.
  • Sheba, a German Shepherd from Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, came in second. Sheba didn’t participate in the social media phase, so she was eliminated from the Top Pet Model competition.
  • Third-place winner Bingo is a rescue chihuahua-wiener dog mix, known as a “chiweenie,” owned by Al Silas. Bingo wore a basic hoodie outfit that was transformed into a dragon costume.
  • Milo, wearing a handmade hippie outfit, was the fourth-place winner.

Evee the PokePom was the children’s favorite at the Taste of Annandale. His owner, Rin Langley, dressed him up as an adorable band conductor.

Zeus was the wildcard winner picked by Chico’s owner Danielle Areco. Zeus, a one-year-old lab, wore a handmade T-shirt costume that celebrates his active, energetic personality. His owner, Katherine Garcia, created a sports jersey for Zeus with his name on it and the number 19, in honor of his birthday, on Oct. 19.


“Zeus is always playing around. He loves to chase soccer balls,” Garcia said at the Nov. 17 photo shoot. “And he’s very food-oriented. He’s always ready to eat something.”

Zeus and Eevee won the social media contest, getting lots of shares, and, in fact, got the same number of likes.

The top five dogs – Zeus, Eevee, Daphne-Pink, Bingo, and Milo – are all getting a three months’ supply of dog food from Chico’s. All of the contestants at the Taste of Annandale received a large basket filled with treats.


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