Lambros Goldsmith signs on as the Title Sponsor

Lambros Magiafas, known professionally as Lambros Goldsmith, is an award-winning fine jewelry designer born in Crete, Greece. Growing up in such a culturally rich and beautiful place had a profound impact on his creativity and unique style.

Lambros Goldsmith’s designs are heavily influenced by his Greek heritage, incorporating the patterns, symbols, and colors of his homeland into his work.

His jewelry is one of a kind and tailored to the person’s dreams, ambitions, and understanding of beauty. His goal is to bring joy, uniqueness, and appreciation for beauty into people’s everyday lives through his stunning creations.

With shops across the country, Lambros Goldsmith has become a prominent figure in the world of jewelry design, known for his personalized approach and exceptional craftsmanship.

Lambros with Viola in his shop on Little River Turnpike in Annandale.

Lambros Goldsmith’s process of creating jewelry is personal and thorough. He regularly travels to reputed craft and trade shows where he carefully handpicks the highest-quality materials and gems. He then tells a story for each gem by creating unique designs and settings that are harmoniously intertwined with their qualities and beauty.

His personal touch is evident in every piece he creates, and one can feel his love for design just by looking at the intricate patterns and hand-crafted details.

Lambros Goldsmith takes great pride in making people happy through his creations and designs. His customers often remark on the joy and happiness his jewelry brings to their lives.

If you desire a spectacular personal experience where a true artist works with you to handcraft a piece of jewelry uniquely representing your vision and desires, stop by Lambros Goldsmith’s shop located at 7137-C Little River Turnpike in Annandale.

Wearing one of Lambros’ creations is not only a daily reminder of beauty and art but also of how unique and special we all are as parents, professionals, and individuals.

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