Community members pick their favorites at the Taste of Annandale

According to a survey handed out at the Taste of AnnandalePopeye’s and Bon Chon are local residents’ favorite chicken places in Annandale. Bon Chon, unfortunately, has been closed since a fire destroyed the building in March.

Other chicken places that got a fair number of votes are Chi McChik-fil-A92ChickenChicken Pollo, and Chicken Loco.

Actually, many chicken restaurants, as well as coffee shops, Korean restaurants, and pizza places in Annandale were cited at least once by people who filled out the survey at the Annandale Today table at the April 29 community festival.

When it comes to the people’s choice for the best coffee shop, Beanetics got way more votes than any other place. Other favorites included Café VBreeze Bakery Café, Starbucks (location not specified), and Tous les Jours.

The top choices for best Korean restaurants were YechonKogiya, Bon Chon, Honey Pig, and Ougadjib.

Domino’s and Paisano’s were tied for best pizza place in Annandale. Big BiteLittle Caesars, and Casa D’Mama Pizzeria were also cited by several people.

The survey also solicited opinions about the Taste of Annandale. While far from scientific, the responses give the planners something to think about for the next festival.

In response to the open-ended question, “What is your favorite thing about the Taste of Annandale?” the vast majority of people wrote “food.”

Many people also said their favorite thing was the sense of community, meeting people, or some variation of that. Other responses included the kids’ activities, the vendors, and the diversity in the community. 

In response to the question, “What should we do differently next year?” the top response was to make it bigger, followed by more children’s activities.

When we asked how people heard about the Taste of Annandale, the top response was Annandale Today, followed by roadside signs, Facebook, and word of mouth.

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