Volunteers in yellow shirts distribute tickets for the chili cook-off.

Volunteers needed!

The Taste of Annandale can’t happen without the support of lots of volunteers.

If you are interested in helping out at the 2018 Taste of Annandale, please contact Nancy Hall, nancyitc@aol.com.

Thank you, to the following volunteers who helped out at the 2017 Taste of Annandale:

Lassine Doumbia and Soraya Borja ensured the entertainment schedule stayed on track and took care of the performers.

Volunteers from Annandale High School: Nazrawit Seid, Chioma Okuh, Maria Gomez, Delay Cruz, Katie Linares, Lisa Linares, Misty Knight, Astha Banjara, Levi Gomez, Umi Hermann, Shafia Khan, Megan Le, Krissia Morales, Duc Ngo, Hamza Royer, Christine Trieu, Maramawit Altsaeb, Biruktawit Fekru, Esther Ruiz-Velasques, David Zepeda-Rivera, Safia Ahmed, Monica Ansah, Mohamed Bile, Farjana Mim, Aishah Mian, Jenny Vo, Diego Aguirre, Ayia Ismael.

From JEB Stuart High School: Lizzany Mayla, Halan Hailu, Marwa Kazimi, Ledan Adbi.

From Woodson High School: Lily Friedman, Nicole Nguyen, Caroline Vasquez, Neelia Cardang, Jennifer Tcheou, Jaywoo Christner, Maddie Tchong, Kushal Patel, Khue Huynh, Kesem Solell, Brian Cha, Mandy Khuong, Caroline Donnelly, Rosa Woodring, Kyle Homrock, Lindsey Butchko, Madeline Uriarte.

From Annandale United Methodist Church: Cyndi Jones, Chris Jones, Barbara Pearson, Marlz Pearson, Eldon Hildebrandt, Mark Bradley, Jack Underhill, Danitria Bradley.

From Northern Virginia Community College: Miriam Tran, Donia Pardo-Pinto, Chris Prado.

From the Rotary or Roteract clubs: Brandon Hausser, Wyatt Mayfield, Jason Darling, Jessica Abney.

Other volunteers: Nathan Hines, Carmen Edmonds. Shamaila Iqeral, Camlhy Dao, Bo Herbst, Koreen Hines, Lara Hines, Bob Hines, Pat Lockett, Binod Gupta.

The Annandale Blog appreciates the volunteers who helped out at the blog’s booth: Judy Cotter, Debo Burk, Michelle Negrelli, Ben Bacon, Elaine Wiggins, Pam Broburg, Nancy Joiner, Mike Quinta, and Matthew Ashford.

Thank you to PR Performance Fitness for warming up the runners for the Taste of Annandale 5K Race, and thank you to Images for Good for taking pictures.



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