Taste of Annandale features non-stop entertainment

The entertainment at the Taste of Annandale features a variety of local performers presenting music and dance from around the globe – from Vietnam to Bolivia, K-pop to the Lindy Hop, and much more.

The Annandale-based Asian American Community Center is bringing a traditional Vietnamese lion dance and a fan dance to the festival.

The fan dance will be performed by AnPHOgettable, a performing arts group founded in 2022 that blends movement and visual storytelling.

PRiMARY, a group founded by George Mason University students in 2016, will entertain the crowd with a K-pop dance routine.

The Taste of Annandale will feature two Bolivian folk groups, Salay Tukutpaj and Tinkus Bolivia.

The award-winning Fidgety Feet swing dance troupe will perform popular dances from the 1920s to 1959, including the Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and Boogie Woogie.

If the audience is interested, they might do a beginning Lindy Hop lesson, “It’s easy to get started and takes forever to get really good,” says Fidgety Feet Director Debbie Lew.

Rounding out the entertainment planned for the Taste of Annandale are demonstrations by two Annandale-based martial arts groups – Kha’s Karate School and Hapmudo – the Annandale High School Band, and the local soft-rock band, the King Bees.

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