Entertainment lineup reflects region’s diverse cultures

The entertainment lineup for the Taste of Annandale includes music, dance, martial arts, and fashion. The schedule is still being tweaked, but preliminary plans for the portable stage call for the Blue Book Value Band to kick things off at 10 a.m. The versatile band, co-founded by lead vocalist Karen Book, mixes it up with rock, blues, swing and... Continue Reading →

Candeias Capoeira to perform at Taste of Annandale

Capoeira Candeias is bringing a high-energy combination of sport and dance from Brazil known as capoeira to the Taste of Annandale. Although it is sometimes described as a martial art, the group’s founder, Jose Canchan, says “capoeira is based on games; we don’t call it fighting.” Canchan and the other performers will do flips and... Continue Reading →

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