Bring your dog for the Best-Dressed Pet Contest

Dogs are invited to the Taste of Annandale, too, as one of the most popular events at the festival will be the Best-Dressed Pet Contest.

The Best-Dressed Pet Contest, sponsored by Chico’s Natural Pet Market in Barcroft Plaza, will be on the stage at 2:30 p.m.

The pet contest isn’t just about buying an elaborate costume for your dog. Chico’s owner Danielle Areco, who is organizing the contest, is planning to have other categories, too, such as most original costume and most casual (like Ms. or Mr. Congeniality) “where the personality speaks louder than the costume.”

Pet owners will need to register for the pet contest on-site, beginning at 10 a.m. when the festival opens. There won’t be an online signup process.

For those who come to the Taste of Annandale unprepared for the pet contest, Chico’s Natural Pet Market will have a pop-up store at the festival with dog outfits, as well as other low-priced, high-quality pet supplies. People can also come up with creative pet outfit ideas using other materials on hand.  

Chico’s will provide great prizes to the winners and gifts for the contestants.

Although any kind of pet can enter, only dogs have taken part in previous Taste of Annandale pet contests.

This year, for the first time, cats will be able to participate virtually. More details on this will be announced later. Check Chico’s website for details.

Chico’s owner Danielle Areco and manager John Mangan in the temporary store in Barcroft Plaza.

Chico’s will be moving into its permanent space at 6345-A Columbia Pike in Barcroft Plaza this spring. The shop is currently in a smaller temporary space in the same shopping center.  

The new store will have a cat rescue area where customers will be able to see the cats through a transparent wall, Areco says. The cats will have space to play and ledges to climb on.

Chico’s will also have aquariums; healthy, nutritious pet food; dog grooming; holistic wellness consultations; and a treadmill for dogs. The store sells raw, frozen meat for dogs, which is healthier than processed pet food.

Areco sees Chico’s as a place that focuses on pet wellness – providing such services as acupuncture and holistic teeth cleaning – and giving people the tools to prevent illness in their furry companions.

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